The PrintForm method sends an image of the current form to the default printer.

The sample application prints the image of the form shown below without the command buttons:



The code for this application is quite sparse (as it does not actually perform any calculations).


The Form_Load event contains code to center the form on the screen and to format the Date and Time labels:


Private Sub Form_Load()


    'center the form:

    Me.Top = (Screen.Height - Me.Height) / 2

    Me.Left = (Screen.Width - Me.Width) / 2


    'display date & time

    lblDate.Caption = Format$(Date, "m/d/yyyy")

    lblTime.Caption = Format$(Time, "h:nn AM/PM")


End Sub


The Click event for the Print button (cmdPrint_Click) hides the two command buttons (by setting their Visible properties to False), issues the PrintForm statement, then makes the buttons visible again:


Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()


    cmdPrint.Visible = False

    cmdExit.Visible = False




    cmdPrint.Visible = True

    cmdExit.Visible = True


End Sub


The Click event for the Exit button (cmdExit_Click) ends the program by issuing the End command.


Private Sub cmdExit_Click()


End Sub


Download the project files for this sample application here.