Calculate Shipping Charges


A local shipping company needs a program to calculate the shipping charges for packages brought in by the customers. The shipping charge is 15 cents per ounce. The input to the program is how much the package weighs in pounds and ounces (two separate inputs - for example, 8 pounds, then 6 ounces). The output is the weight of the package in total ounces and the cost of shipping the package. A sample run of the program should look something like the following:




Note: The suggested interface for this program uses two Frame controls. The Frame control is useful for grouping related controls together on a form. The Frame control is a "container" control, which means that other controls can be placed inside of it. To place controls inside a frame, first put the frame itself on the form, then follow one of the following two guidelines:


         If the control you want to put inside the frame has not yet been placed on the form, click the desired "child" control on the toolbox once then "draw" the control inside the frame.


         If the control you want to put inside the frame is already on the form, perform the following steps:


(1) Select the child control and Cut it (Edit menu, Cut or right-click and choose Cut or press Ctrl-X).


(2) Select the Frame and Paste the control in (Edit menu, Paste or right-click and choose Paste or Ctrl-V)


Download the solution for this project here.