The TIMER Control


We'll get to our Splash Screen form example in a moment, but first a brief tutorial on the Timer control is in order. (The Splash Screen example will use a Timer.) The Timer control allows you to perform a task at a specified interval or to wait for a specified length of time.


Timer Example 1



Control Property Value

Command Button (Name) cmdStart

Caption Start Timer


Command Button (Name) cmdStop

Caption Stop Timer


Timer (Name) tmrTest

Enabled False

Interval 250


Your form should look something like this:



Consider the following facts about the Timer control:

       It is not visible to the user at run-time

       The actions that you want to happen at the specified interval are coded in the Timer's Timer event.

       You specify the interval that you want actions to occur in the Timer control's Interval property. The value is specified in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). In the example, the value of 250 will cause the Timer event to fire every quarter of a second.

       You turn the timer "on" or "off" by setting its Enabled property to True or False, respectively. The Enabled property is set to True by default.



Private mintCount As Integer



Private Sub cmdStart_Click()


mintCount = 0


tmrTest.Enabled = True


End Sub


Private Sub cmdStop_Click()


tmrTest.Enabled = False


End Sub



Private Sub tmrTest_Timer()


mintCount = mintCount + 1

Print "Timer fired again. Count = " & mintCount

End Sub





Download the VB project code for the example above here.


Timer Example 2


The Timer control can be used to make an object on your screen appear to blink. This is done by toggling the Visible property of the object on and off at short intervals. The Visible property is available to nearly all controls it is a Boolean property that determines whether or not the control is visible to the user at run time by setting its value to True or False (it will always be visible at design time). To build a simple demo, perform the following steps.



lblProcessing.Visible = Not lblProcessing.Visible




Download the VB project code for the example above here.