SSTab Sample Application


The following sample application is included when you purchase the Visual Basic 6 Tutorial Download Package or the Visual Basic 6 "Extra" Sample Applications from The VB Programmer.


"Tabbed dialog" controls in general are designed to conserve screen "real estate" by breaking up data to be displayed into logical "pages" (where each tab of the tabbed dialog control represents a page). One of the earliest tabbed dialog controls to be used with Visual Basic was the one provided by Sheridan Software (the "SS" of the SStab). The SSTab is a "container" control, meaning that the controls you place inside of it stay with it (like a Frame control).


The sample application is a basic browse of the Employees table from the Northwind database. Note that we are using an SSTab control to the left of the employee's picture. The SSTab control has two tabs, "Company Info" and "Personal Info".  The screen shots below show the respective contents of each tab.