TabStrip Sample Application


The following sample application is included when you purchase the Visual Basic 6 Tutorial Download Package or the Visual Basic 6 "Extra" Sample Applications from The VB Programmer.


"Tabbed dialog" controls in general are designed to conserve screen "real estate" by breaking up data to be displayed into logical "pages" (where each tab of the tabbed dialog control represents a page).  The TabStrip control is part of the Microsoft Windows Common Controls (the same group that includes the ListView, TreeView, ToolBar, ImageList, and others). The TabStrip is NOT a  "container" control like the SSTab, meaning that you must control, in code, which items are shown or hidden when a particular tab is active. In general, of the two tabbed dialog controls that come with VB (the SSTab and the TabStrip), the SSTab is easier to use. One advantage of the TabStrip however, is that tabs can be added or removed dynamically at run-time.


The sample application uses a subset of the Customer table of the sample "Cust.mdb" database used in some of the other examples. Here, a tab for each unique state is created dynamically at run-time. When a particular tab is clicked, the customers who reside in the corresponding state are displayed in the ListView.


The screen shots below show what will be displayed when NJ and PA, respectively, are clicked.