Opening an Existing VB 2010 Project

There are two basic ways to open an existing VB project - through the Windows file system, or through VB 2010 itself:

To open the project through Windows, navigate to the folder containing your project’s solution (.sln) file, and double-click it. This will launch VB 2010 Express and open your project.

To open your project through VB 2010 Express, one way is to click the “Open Project” link on the Start Page, which will cause the Open Project dialog box to be displayed, and you would navigate to your solution file from there:



Another way to open your project from VB 2010 Express, assuming that the project you want to open was one of the latest projects you worked on, is to click the link to that project under “Recent Projects”:


Yet another way to open your project from VB 2010 Express is through the File menu, Open Project option. This works the same way as the “Open Project” link on the Start Page.


So there you have it. That concludes our introduction to Visual Basic 2010 Express.