Calculate Shipping Charges


A local shipping company needs a program to calculate the shipping charges for packages brought in by the customers.  The shipping charge is 15 cents per ounce.  The input to the program is how much the package weighs in pounds and ounces (two separate inputs - for example, 8 pounds, then 6 ounces).  The output is the weight of the package in total ounces and the cost of shipping the package. A sample run of the program should look something like the following:




Note:    The suggested interface for this program uses two GroupBox controls. The GroupBox control is useful for grouping related controls together on a form. The GroupBox control is a "container" control, which means that other controls can be placed inside of it. In the designer interface, when you move a group box, all the controls inside of it move with it.


Note:    In VB6 and before, the GroupBox was known as the Frame control, and you had to ensure that you placed controls “inside” rather than “on top of” a frame (in some cases, this required cutting a control, selecting the frame, then pasting the control inside the frame). In VB 2010, you simply need to ensure that you place the desired control wholly inside the GroupBox.



Download the solution for this project here.