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The VB Programmer, LLC
Bruce Gordon, President

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Located in Cherry Hill, NJ

About the President

Bruce Gordon, President
Bruce Gordon is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of industry experience, having started his programming career in 1985. His strengths include Visual Basic application development (classic and .NET versions), database programming (MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle, others), MS-Office integration with Word and Excel, website design and development (ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), and legacy systems (having spent the better part of his first decade in the industry as a crack COBOL programmer).

For most of his career, Bruce worked as a programmer in the corporate world. He also worked part-time as a computer programming instructor throughout the 1990s. In 2002, he began to take on free-lance programming projects on a part-time basis and with a growing clientelle, he officially formed The VB Programmer in 2006.
Work Experience
President, The VB Programmer, LLC (2006-present)

Established The VB Programmer, LLC for the purpose of providing custom software application development, website design and development, database design, and related services to local, national, and international clients. Clientele comprises a diverse set of industries including health care, estate planning, insurance, personnel recruitment, retail sales, construction, and the arts. Technical strengths include Visual Basic (classic and .NET), SQL Server, Oracle, MS-Access, MS-Office automation with Excel and Word, ASP (classic and .NET), and JavaScript.

Senior Programmer/Analyst, ICT GROUP, INC. (2002-2009)

Developed, maintained and enhanced outbound and inbound call center applications, reporting applications, and back-end processes for financial services and telecommunication clients on client/server and web-based platforms using Visual Basic, ASP, JavaScript, Excel and Word automation, Crystal Reports, and Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

Lead programmer on lead generation system for major ERP vendor. System enabled telesales representatives to build relationships with contacts over time with goal of generating sales leads for enterprise CRM software products. System also handled inbound call inquiries and provided set of functions for supervisors. System was long-term project developed, enhanced, and maintained over three-year period.

Senior Programmer, THE FRANKLIN MINT (2001-2002)

Developed, maintained and enhanced promotion planning applications for Sales and Marketing department using Visual Basic, SQL Server/T-SQL stored procedures, DB/2, Excel automation, and Crystal Reports.

Lead programmer on system that enabled users to maintain new pricing table created so that pricing information for products could be stored and retrieved at lower level of detail (part level) than was previously available (product level). Interface enabled user to easily navigate very large product database by specifying complex criteria and update desired part records accordingly.

Contract Programmer, FIRST USA BANK (2000)

Worked short-term assignment with team maintaining and enhancing credit card offer system. Main development tools used were Visual Basic, Oracle (PL/SQL), and Crystal Reports.

Programmer/Analyst, APPLICATIONS GENERAL CORP. (1985-2000)

Developed desktop systems using Visual Basic, MS-Access and Crystal Reports. Applications included tuition database maintenance system for tuition benefits office of large hospital, salary survey data collection and reporting system for participating health care facilities to enable these organizations to see how they compared to competitors in terms of rates they were paying for various job positions, administrative control system enabling user with appropriate authority to manage "reorganizations" within corporate structure of large hospital, and internal job-tracking and reporting system.

Prior to the Windows era, developed PC applications using MS-DOS based COBOL system (MBP Visual COBOL, later acquired by MicroFocus). Worked primarily on finance and accounting applications for large hospital. Also developed batch mainframe applications for large hospital using VS/COBOL, PL/I, VSAM, and OS/JCL in areas such as expense budgeting, cost accounting, payroll, human resources, and inventory.
Teaching Experience
Worked part-time as computer programming instructor at the following institutions:
  • Computer Learning Center (1997-2000)
  • Camden County Technical Institute (1991-1997)
  • Burlington County College (1989-1991)
Subjects taught include Visual Basic, Databases (Oracle, MS-Access), QBasic, Flowcharting & Programming Logic, COBOL, CICS, S/370 Assembler Language, RPG II, MS-DOS & Windows, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, and Introductory "101" computer courses.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Certified Professional Consultant (CPC)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Trenton State College (now TCNJ), 1983.
    Psychology major, Music minor.
  • Computer Programming Certificate, PTC Career Institute (Phila., PA), 1984.
    Mainframe COBOL oriented course of study.
  • Continued to take relevant training courses throughout the years.
    Oracle, SQL Server, web programming, ASP.NET, XML, etc.
Client testimonials as well as endorsements from former colleagues and employers can be found on the Testimonials page of this site.

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