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The VB Programmer, LLC
Bruce Gordon, President

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Located in Cherry Hill, NJ

About Us
The VB Programmer, LLC is a Cherry Hill, NJ (near Philadelphia, PA) firm established for the purpose of providing custom software application development, website design and development, database design, and related services to local, national, and international clients. Our clientele comprises a diverse set of industries including health care, estate planning, insurance, personnel recruitment, retail sales, construction, and the arts. Our technical specializations include Visual Basic (classic and .NET), SQL Server, MS-Access, MS-Office automation, ASP (classic and .NET), and JavaScript.

The VB Programmer, LLC was founded by Bruce Gordon, who also serves as the company president. Bruce is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of industry experience, having started his programming career in 1985. For most of his career, Bruce worked as a programmer in the corporate world. He also worked part-time as a computer programming instructor throughout the 1990s. In 2002, he began to take on free-lance programming projects on a part-time basis and with a growing clientele, he officially formed The VB Programmer in 2006.
Bruce's professional profile can be viewed by clicking here, or you can view Bruce's profile on LinkedIn by clicking the button on the right:   View Bruce Gordon's profile on LinkedIn
Areas of Expertise
Arrow Visual Basic Application Development
  Visual Basic (VB) was introduced in the early 1990s and was the first visual development tool from Microsoft, empowering programmers at all levels of expertise to develop Windows applications with relative ease. With its ability to work with relational databases and its ability to create attractive GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), VB became the RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool of choice. The Visual Basic application development efforts of The VB Programmer, LLC focus primarily on, but are not limited to, client/server as well as single-user database applications, using VB as a front-end against a variety of back-end database systems including MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and DB/2.
Arrow Website Design and Development
  In today's business environment, a presence on the web is not only advantageous but often expected. Whether you are looking for a basic brochure-style site to inform visitors about your business' goods or services, an e-commerce site that enables visitors to purchase your products on-line, or a data-driven web application, The VB Programmer, LLC can develop a professional website that suits your needs.
Arrow MS-Access Database Development
  Since the early 1990s, MS-Access has been a powerful, practical yet inexpensive tool for individuals, small businesses, and corporate departments to manage their data. While creating an initial database application with MS-Access can be easy, things can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. The VB Programmer, LLC can assist you with your MS-Access database application in several ways, including developing a complete application from scratch, modifying existing code and UI elements, adding new forms, queries, reports, or modules, converting a legacy application to MS-Access, upsizing an MS-Access database to SQL Server or Oracle, or developing a new front-end.
Arrow MS-Office Automation and Integration
  Many common and repetitive tasks using MS-Office applications can be automated through the use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in that application itself, or by using a standard Visual Basic program as front-end. Automation saves time and reduces human error. For example, MS-Excel can be automated to connect to a database and display custom reports; MS-Word can be automated to perform document creation tasks such as generating form letters, labels, contracts, legal documents, and medical forms. The VB Programmer, LLC can integrate MS-Office application functionality into your VB and Access development projects.
Arrow Data Conversion
  Converting data from one format to another is a common business need. The VB Programmer, LLC can assist you with any number of data conversion scenarios, including gathering data from disparate sources to form a new database structure, converting a leagacy database or file system to a more current format, building an export/import to get data from one system to another, "cleaning up" and/or parsing data that may reside in an Excel spreadsheet or text file to prepare it for importing into a formal database structure, and creating data transmissions in various formats (custom, EDI, XML, etc.).
Arrow Legacy Systems
  The VB Programmer, LLC can assist you in converting systems that have been written in older development systems or programming languages, such as dBase, older versions of BASIC, and COBOL to a modern platform. COBOL is a particular area of expertise, as we have experience developing COBOL applications for mainframe and PC environments and have used IBM, MicroFocus, Ryan-McFarland, and CA/Realia products.

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