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VB Tutorials - VB.NET (VB 2010)
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You are currently viewing the tutorials for VB.NET (VB 2010). For Classic VB (VB6) tutorials, click here.
The tutorials, how-tos, and code samples provided on this page are available free of charge. You can use these as an on-line resource to access any individual topic on this page, as well as download any associated VB project files or other files associated with that individual topic for no cost whatsoever. This material is also available as a low-cost download package, featured on our Download Packages page.

These tutorials were developed by Bruce Gordon, founder and president of The VB Programmer, LLC. In addition to working full-time as a programmer for over 25 years, Bruce also worked part-time as a computer programming instructor for many years. In teaching numerous sessions of Visual Basic, he developed many tutorials and how-to write-ups for his students. Those write-ups evolved into the articles now available on this page.

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Arrow 1. Introduction / Using the IDE
  Introducing VB 2010 Express
  Setting the Projects Location Folder
  Exploring the IDE
  Creating the "Hello World" Sample Program
  VB Project Files
  Opening an Existing VB Project
Arrow 2. Variables, Operators, & Assignment Statements
  Anatomy of a VB Project
  Data Types and Naming Conventions
  Declaration and Scope
  Declaring Constants, Arrays, and Structures
  Assignment Statements
  Arithmetic and String Operators
Arrow 3. Basic Input/Output
  Basic I/O - Overview
  MsgBox and MessageBox
  Basic Hard Copy Printing
  PrintPreviewDialog Control
  Console Applications
Arrow 4. Built-In Functions
  Formatting Numbers, Dates, and Strings
  Composite Formatting
  Other Formatting Functions
  String Handling Functions
  Date Handling Functions
  Type Conversion Functions
  Math, Financial, and the Boolean "Is" Functions
  Number System Functions
Arrow 5. Control Structures, Conditionals, & Subs / Functions
  Sequence Structure
  Conditional Expressions
  Selection Structure
  Repetition Structure
  The GoTo Statement
  Subs and Functions
  The Windows API
Arrow 6. Files
  VB.NET File Processing Overview
  Processing Text Files for Input (Reading)
  Processing Text Files for Output (Writing)
  Binary Files
  Random Files
  Error Handling
  Working with the File System
  Control Break Concepts
Arrow 7. Arrays
  Arrays - General Array Processing Part 1
  Arrays - General Array Processing Part 2
  Arrays - Searching
  Arrays - Sorting
  Arrays - Miscellaneous Methods
Arrow 8. Control Basics (Buttons, TextBoxes, and Labels)
  "Add" Program Illustrative Example
  Programming Exercise: Piggy Bank
  Programming Exercise: Shipping Charge Calculation
  Programming Exercise: Car Rental Calc w/ DateDiff Demo
  Programming Exercise: Loan Calculation
  Programming Exercise: Find Largest Number
  Programming Exercise: Years to Become a Millionaire
  Programming Exercise: Palindromes
  Programming Exercise: Date Validation
  Programming Exercise: Count the Threes
  Programming Exercise: Roman Numerals
  Programming Exercise: Number to Words
Arrow 9. Forms and More Controls
  More on Forms
  Radio Buttons
  The Timer Control
  Working with Images
  Simulating Control Arrays in VB.NET
  Programming Example: Fraction Math
  Programming Example: Hangman
  Programming Example: Tic-Tac-Toe
  Programming Example: Calculator
  Programming Example: Cryptogram
  Programming Example: Concentration
  Programming Example: Daily Menu Planner
  Scroll Bars
  Drag and Drop Programming Example (Word-Picture Match Game)
  Using VB6 File System Controls in VB.NET
  The MaskedTextBox Control
Arrow 10. Menus, Toolbars, and Dialogs
  Status Bars
  Basic Text Editor ("Notepad"-like) Sample App
  The RichTextBox Control (w/Sample "Wordpad"-like App)
Arrow 11. Working with Databases
  Introduction to SQL (MS-Access version)
  Introduction to SQL (SQL Server version)
  Using the Binding Navigator (with Intro to TabControl)
  Using ADO.NET Code
  More ADO.NET (with Intro to ListView Control)
  Using ReportViewer
Arrow 12. Extras
  ListView Sample Applications
  TreeView Sample Applications
  "ToolStrip as TabStrip" Sample Application
  MonthView Sample Application
  DataGridView Sample Applications
  Sample Applications Integrating MS-Word
  Sample Applications Integrating MS-Excel
  Running an MS-Access Report from VB
  Emailing with VB Using MS-Outlook)
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